User Testing

One of the most effective ways of finding out how successful your mobile app or website is, is through user testing. If you have an existing digital product or are about to launch one, it is worth testing it with your core audience to make sure you’re not missing any important details that users might prefer.

We hold user testing sessions in a bespoke test facility, equipped with multiple viewing rooms and audio-visual and recording systems to help you observe the user testing process and review it in your own time afterwards.

We invite your target customer demographic to go through your app or website as they would normally use it. They are asked to provide feedback on how it works for them, their expectations and comments. This is a very useful practice and will give you invaluable information about how your app or website is perceived.

The Benefits of User Testing

  • Test your app or website concept before starting costly development
  • Find out about any obstacles users might be experiencing while using your app or website
  • Understand your customers’ expectations
  • Get rid of any unnecessary steps in your digital customer experience
  • Build a successful and user friendly app or website, taking customer feedback on board
  • Learn what your target demographic expects from your product and how they perceive it in reality

What does our user testing service include?

  • Understanding your challenges and what you’d like to test (e.g. new website concept, low conversion rate or high basket abandonment etc.)
  • Recruiting users that meet your customer demographics
  • Hiring a professional research facility with the ability to observe the user testing process
  • Report of findings with our expert’s suggestions, complete with videos of all the tests
  • Test preparation and test script
  • Test moderation
  • Lunch for up to 5 of your viewing stakeholders
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